This Week's Top 40


If You Want To Submit Your Music To Be Included On The LGBT Urban Charts Here's What You Do: (Send All Submissions to

1. Make Sure You're Music Is Mixed & Mastered (No Mixed & Mastered Track Will Not Make The Weekly Top 40 or Artist On The Bubble, No Exceptions)

2. All Tracks Must Be Over 2 mins To Be Included On The Weekly Top 40, Yet Freestyles Under 2 Mins Can Make Artist On The Bubble or/and #5Artist2Watch.

3. Make Sure You Have High Res Cover Art Associated With Your Track or Album From Which The Track Is From. (Even If Its A Picture Of You, Without Cover Art, Tracks Can't Not Be Promoted & Will Not Qualify For Playlist)

4. Social Media, The Weekly Top 40 Needs A Twitter Handle To Promote Playlist & Live Shows, Please Include Your Twitter Handle. If You Don't Have One, This Is A Good Time To Get One.

5. Due To The High Volume Of Artist, Most Tracks Will Be Included Within That Current Week As Long As Tracks Are In By Tuesday Night Of The Upcoming Week. If Not, No Worries, You Will Be Included In The Next Coming Week.

6. Thank You For Sharing The Playlist You're Included In. The Way For You To Get The Most From Your Inclusion On Playlist Is To Promote You're On The Playlist. Promote.. Promote.. Promote.

7. Most Important, Keep Getting Better & Better, Music Is All About Artistry. Master Your Craft, Don't Get Discouraged, Continue To Grow. Remember We Are Here To Help Not To Disrespect You.

8.  (Send All Submissions to

Thank You
DJ Baker


  1. I woke up only to find that i was one of #5artist2watch...made my year...Thanks for all the support
    Be Noble

  2. Thanks for the shout out ❤️